HAGOROMO Fulltouch Luminous Chalk 6 Colors 72 PCS

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Some call it the Rolls Royce of chalk, the Steinway of writing utensils. Some say it's unbreakable, others say it leaves no dust behind.

And it turned the world's brightest minds into hoarders, going to great lengths just for a few sticks of the stuff.

How did a brand of chalk develop a cult-like following?

For many mathematicians, the act of writing on a blackboard is a type of artistry, one that requires the proper tools.

"It'd be like Picasso using Sharpies on a piece of waxed paper instead of using an actual canvas and oil paints," says Dave Bayer, a mathematics professor at Barnard College in New York City.

Read the full story on CNN here.

  • WELL COATED AND DUST FREE: The only thing worse than chalk breaking in half is getting dust all over your hands and clothes when writing on the board or drawing on the sidewalk. All Hagoromo chalks are well coated to prevent hands from coming into contact with chalk dust when using.
  • LUMINOUS CHALK: Clear, vivid, and bright luminous colors are effective at highlighting key points in lectures, writing work instructions at construction sites, or adding a pop of color to an art piece. Bright colors grab student's attention quicker and keep them focused on the information at hand. Especially ideal for weak color perception and myopic students, as vivid colors are easily visible from a distance
  • NO MISTAKES: Our chalks erase easily leaving little to no residue on the chalkboard when removed. They generate little dust and fallout minimizing chances of smudging and mess when writing or drawing
  • ECONOMICAL USE: Unlike other chalkboard chalks or sidewalk chalks, Hagoromo chalk is dense and their shelf life is longer as it is consumed very slowly due to compression molding, drying process, and secret thermal treatments. It consumes little chalk to generate vibrant and colorful art, a little goes a long way!
  • NON-TOXIC AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from high-quality natural calcium carbonate, this product is non-toxic and safe for kids and professional use. Every single Hagoromo chalk is packaged and inserted in foam slots one by one to avoid breakage.