• One chalk to rule them all.

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Hagoromo Fulltouch

"The legend around this chalk is that it's impossible to write a false theorem using the chalk, but I think I've disproved that many times," says David Eisenbud, a mathematics professor at the University of California at Berkeley.

Why the World’s Best Mathematicians Are Hoarding Chalk

A Korean teacher rescued Hagoromo's legacy from disappearing

No More Dusty Hands

Thanks to Shin, Hagoromo continues to be produced today

"A student of mine from South Korea made a trip back home and came back with a box ... it was indistinguishable," Conrad said. "And a Japanese colleague of mine who's a big fan of the stuff, I gave him a piece of each type, the old type and the new type, and he couldn't tell the difference. Indistinguishable, just as good as always." You have found the right place to get Hagoromo Fulltouch Chalk, shipped to your doorstep.