HAGOROMO Microfiber Magnetic All-Board Eraser [Large]

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About this item

  • MAGNETIC: Attaches onto all blackboards through an embedded magnet
  • UNIVERSAL: Can be used for all types of blackboards
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Curved shape allows for easy grip and use
  • LONG-LASTING: Can be washed and is extremely durable
  • STURDY: Velcro attachment prevents eraser pad from falling or detaching itself

HAGOROMO Microfiber Magnetic All-Board Eraser is the ideal eraser for all types of blackboards.

This universal eraser can be used on all blackboards such as but not limited to: plaster, carbon chalk blackboard, water chalk blackboard, aqua chalk blackboard, and white boards.

Ergonomically designed eraser with microfiber cushion that allows for easy grip and use.

An embedded magnet allows the eraser to stick onto the blackboards within arm’s reach for whenever it is needed. In addition, a Velcro is attached to keep the eraser pad from falling off or detaching itself.

Can be hand washed and used for a long time. Eraser does not change in quality after being washed.


  • 1 x HAGOROMO Microfiber Magnetic All-Board Eraser [Large]
  • 1 x Microfiber Pad [Large]